Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Dear Parents and students,

Welcome back! We are glad to have you all with us and look forward to another awesome year here at MAU. We are excited for what this school year will bring. We have finally reopened our Elementary program and look forward to what the future holds for our school.. We have spent the past week refreshing our skills and planning to make this our best school year to date. I was so happy to see all the excited faces walk in this morning and have no doubt everybody is having a wonderful day. We are so grateful to have such a wonderful school community.

While on in-service break, we started the next phase in our playground renovation. We have moved the Infant and Toddler Community playground so that it is adjacent to the back entrance of their room. This project involved moving the fence, for which we received an abundance of parent volunteers. Thank you! However, this means the Children’s House has lost some of the grass area we installed last school year. We will be expecting delivery of another shipment of grass to add to our playground this week. As part of our in-service, the teachers came up with a complete plan for our playground. We will be looking for an artist to draw out our idea and then we can work toward the goal of raising the funds necessary to make it happen. We appreciate all the fundraising you do to help us improve our environments. This has allowed us to meet our expenses while not having to raise tuition.

As for me, I will spend the majority of the day at the Alpine Campus before checking in at the end of the day at the Foothill Campus. From time to time, Kris and I will switch so that I can observe our programs and keep in contact with parents, students and staff. This is only possible because I have found the teacher we were looking for. Ms. Elizabeth will be joining us this year to teach our Lower Elementary program.  We will be featuring a short biography about her in our September newsletter so that you can get to know her.

Parents please remember the following:
Label everything you bring in for your child.

Bring 4 food groups in your child’s lunch each day along with 100% juice, milk or water. We cannot heat food in the Children’s House program. If you need suggestions on what to pack or what to send it in to keep it cool or warm please consult your child’s teacher. Elementary entrees should be fully cooked, only needing to be warmed by your child during lunch.

Please make sure to call the office every day your child will be absent from school.

Upcoming Dates:
                WED 9/4/13 ~ Back to school night Children’s House:       Ms. Jeanette 6:00 p.m.
          Ms. Shivika 6:45 p.m.
                THU 9/5/13 ~ Back to school night Infant and Toddler Community: 6:30 p.m.

                TUE 9/24/13 ~ Family Night – “Taco Tuesday” Time to be determined